Monday, April 30, 2007

Book Reviews

A Wild and Woolly Night
Author: Lorraine Lynch Geiger
Illustrated by Sharon Vargo

A Wild and Woolly Night
is a children’s picture book for children ages 4 to 12. A hardback edition with a cover that is beautifully illustrated with a boy in his bed surrounded by a variety of animals...
By Terry South

Once in a great while a book comes across my desk that I can hardly wait to tell the Bookworm readers about. And this has happened. Florida author, Lorraine Lynch Geiger and Indiana illustrator, Sharon Vargo, have teamed together for a deliciously different book for children of all ages, "A Wild and Woolly Night"....

Just off the press is the colorful hardback "Wild and Woolly Night". This fast moving story revealing a mysterious parade of animals may be read at a galloping pace for older children and promotes parent/child bonding as it creates suspense on every page....
The book is a well-written fantasy, in verse and humor, about a small boy trying to fall asleep. He is kept awake by an assortment of cuddly critters moving about on his stash of bedspreads. It is designed for ages four through twelve. Sharon Vargo, an author and illustrator, has added magic to the cover and pages with her friendly little critter images.
By Elizabeth Walker -
Sebring News-Sun

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Barnyard Idol is a new art sample created in acrylics
on Strathmore Bristol. The original art is 9 x 12.