Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Book Magic

It's magical to me when a book I illustrated arrives in the mail!
After months of sketching, revising, painting and packing up the art ... it arrives back transformed into a BOOK. The process itself is not at all magical, it takes lots of hard work by lots of people. Yet the moment I hold it and read it, I find myself, each time, marveling at the results.

This time the package that arrived in the mail is an anthology, and it has brought a NEW kind of magic ... because I'm one of the AUTHORS! Now MY WORDS have been transformed --and for the first time illustrated by another artist.

Hamsters, Shells and Spelling Bees: School Poems, edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins, with pictures by Sachiko Yoshikawa.

I love the art and I am thrilled to be rubbing pages with such great poets!
If you pick it up be sure to check out pages 22 and 23! ; )


super lotto results said...

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Sharon Vargo said...

Thanks super lotto! ~S

Phyllis Harris said...

How cool is that?! Congrats on your writing!! I'll have to get a copy and take a look.

The writing side is the side I'm still dreaming about and just starting to really dive into. Can't wait til the day when a book I helped write comes in the mail!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Sharon Vargo said...

Thanks Phyllis ...great to hear from
you! ~S