Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving SNOW!

With a blast of cold air and just the right conditions we got SNOW in Indiana.
Not just any snow ... the perfect packing snow needed to build a Snowy Bird Feeder, a craft I wrote & illustrated in this month's (December) issue of Highlights For Children Magazine. Check it out on page 38 and build a holiday feast for your feathered friends!

PS - All our pie tins were filled with (pumpkin, apple & cherry) pie so I improvised by using aluminum foil to line the feeder- keeping the bird seed dry and safe.


paula said...

That's the coolest birdfeeder I've ever seen, Sharon (no pun intended but there it is)! I don't have HL recent mag so don't have instructions, but I might try that when we get more snow here.

By the way, the link to your website here doesn't work. I believe you're missing a "w".

Paula Pertile said...

Another Paula chiming in here ~

What a CUTE IDEA! The birds are grateful, I'm sure.

Phyllis Harris said...

Such a cool idea!! I'll have to get to the library to check out the highlights article!

Sharon Vargo said...

Thanks Paula & Phyllis!