Friday, July 17, 2009

Hope Card Clip!

We have completed our contribution to the global "Hope Card" effort to support those effected by the Australian fires and flooding this past February!

If you are interested, here are the specifications of our card.
Illustrators and authors create ONE HOPE card
a.. with drawings from your illustrators
b.. words and/or signature by your authors
c.. to the Australian KIDS and FAMILIES
d.. sending love and hope

We received 17 submissions from IN SCBWI and I have found a great way to display ALL 17 in a single card. Please take 17 seconds and watch this clip. You will see a demonstration of the "map book" card which I have come up with to make this a fun thing to read.

By taking an 18X18 piece of colored paper, I was able to get 9 individual 6X6 squares totally 18 individual mounting sides. I added a cover with a title, Hope Card from Indiana USA SCBWI. When folded, just right, you have a single 6X6 hope card - tied with a bow!

Although it took a while to come up with a suitable way to include everyone's effort, I think we will have done it! Thanks to all that took the time to help make the IN SCBWI Hope Card a success!


Kristi Valiant said...

Sharon, that is perfect! Thanks for putting our messages and illustrations all together. What a wonderful solution and nicely designed card!

dj said...

It looks great! Thanks for sharing your talent!

jason007 said...

This card is so beautiful - I am putting it into booklet for the children of the fires - it has taken a while. Thankyou so much for your care and creativity.

Susanne Gervay
Australian coRA

Peggy Archer said...

Sharon, thanks so much for working on this for IN SCBWI. It's really beautiful.
Peggy :)