Friday, March 12, 2010

Smiles & Friends - line art to a finished painting

There are two stages in my art process - line art and full color painting.
Line art is done first and sent to the client.
Once the Line Art is approved, I can begin painting.
Currently I'm working in a traditional manner and also on a Cintiq.
I use the Photoshop software on the Cintiq. I may do a little color testing in pencil, but I usually have the colors in mind before I begin painting. I'm hoping to load Corel Painter soon and start using (learning) that progam also. Here's a closer look at the art...
"Hopping" to another example of a work in progress. Here shows
the line art and painting on the same piece.


P Girouard said...

I kind of like it just like this!

Sharon Vargo said...

Thanks Patrick!

Sharon Vargo said...
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