Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fast Forward to Fall

It was a super busy summer between traveling and illustration work. Back in August I attended the 42nd Annual Summer SCBWI Conference in Los Angeles. This was my first time attending the LA Conference. I had an amazing week in CA, meeting other SCBWI volunteers from all over the world, as well as agents, editors and art directors.  I also received a new project to illustrate three game-boards during the portfolio showcase portion of the conference!

Last week I attended the Rutgers One on One Plus Conference in New Jersey. I submitted a new picture book dummy and had a wonderful day with the mentoring editors, art directors and agents. My mentor wants to take another look at my picture book dummy, after I make some revisions ...  which was very exciting news!! The conference is sponsored by the Rutgers University Council on Children's Literature. It was a inspiring day!

After a week of summer-like weather in NJ, I returned home to rain, cold, and a little snow!  Reminding me, the holidays are just around the corner and it's time to create ornaments for my  co-op- Art IN Hand - Gallery in Zionsville, IN.

The gallery's holiday tree will be up November 14, displaying ornaments from many of our artists. My 2013 ornaments are made of porcelain clay. Pictured below are two designs, Catching Snowflake Kids and Santa by the Moon. I'm working on more designs today.

Happy (fast-forward) Fall!


Patrick Girouard said...

These are cool! Can I buy a Santa by the Moon?

Sharon Vargo said...

Sure, I'll email you! Thanks!

Vincent Desjardins said...

Really cute ornaments, Sharon! I love the expressions on the moon as Santa flies by! Congratulations on your success at the LA conference. One year I hope to attend that one. Good luck with the revisions on your book dummy!

Paula Pertile said...

I love all of these Sharon! I want one too!

Sharon Vargo said...

Thanks Vincent! I will be out of town for the SCBWI book-signing. Maybe we can catch up at the next SCBWI event.

Sharon Vargo said...

Thank you Paula ... let me know which one when we chat this week.